Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sphinx 16

Sphinx 16 is now live at the Happenstance Press website. Specialising in reviews of pamphlet poetry, Sphinx provides us with a real feel for the current state of play for this format in the U.K. publishing world.

The current issue continues with the intriguing idea of giving us three different reviews for each chapbook, and includes pieces by myself on Matt Bryden's Night Porter and Hilary Menos' Wheelbarrow Farm. I'm always keen to have the chance to compare and contrast critical opinions on a book, so Sphinx offers an ideal opportuntiy. I very much recommend a look at the current issue and a trawl through its extensive online archive.


  1. I like multiple reviews too (my favorite pamphlet of the Sphinx bunch is Stephen Payne's). Books like Landing Light have enough online reviews for comparisons to be made. Even if the reviewers don't agree, they quite often quote the same lines.

    And thanks for plugging my blog. One reason why I moved my stuff onto blogs is so that other people could more easily comment on (and correct) my attempts. This applies especially to my "reviews".

  2. Re the multiple reviews issue, I should have mentioned