Friday, 22 April 2011

Back in Extremadura

So I'm back in Extremadura, having filled my tank to the brim with great poetry, people, conversation and beer (not necessarily in that order!). It might not be fair to pick out any highlights, but that won't stop me doing so.

Up in Edinburgh, meeting Helena Nelson for the first time was special. The evening summed up just why she's an excellent editor, as she listened to my reading before encouraging and challenging me in equal measure.

Thanks in no small measure to her advice, the Leicester Shindig went off extremely well. I felt very comfortable while reading and the audience were terrific. Best of all though, I was finally able to share a couple of pints with Matt Merritt and put a speaking voice to his poems. Gary Longden has posted a very positive review of the event here.

Launching Inventing Truth was a wonderful experience and has given me the taste for more. I intend to come over for a further set of readings in the U.K. this autumn and would be delighted to hear from any event organisers who might be able to fit me in!


  1. Hi Matthew,
    I'm enjoying 'Inventing Truth' all the more for hearing you read at Leicester Shindig!
    Do you have a follower option on this blog? I can't seem to find anywhere to click.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Delighted to hear you're getting on well with "Inventing Truth". The follower option should appear down the bottom on the right.

    Best wishes,


  3. Thanks, Matthew.
    As you can see, I managed to find it. Looking forward to reading future blog posts.