Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Clarissa Aykroyd's The Stone and the Star blog

Another year, another excellent poetry blog comes to my attention...

... this time it's Clarissa Aykroyd's The Stone and the Star. Her blog is especially interesting because it often draws on out-of-copyright poems that can thus be republished and discussed in situ. Moreover, Aykroyd doesn't just slap verse up there and deal with it superficially. Instead, she gets her hands dirty and homes in on how the verse functions.

Perhaps my favourite out of all the recent posts on The Stone and th Star is Aykroyd's detailed analysis of Keith Douglas' "Words". Okay, so I'm a committed Douglas fan, but she really does the poem justice. Furthermore, her piece encourages me to reread his verse in the light of her remarks.What greater recommendation can I give...?!

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