Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tasting Notes at Stanza 2014

Regular readers of Rogue Strands might recall that Tasting Notes was featured at Stanza 2014 as part of an exhibition titled Poem in a Bottle - Poet and winemaker Matthew Stewart's poems uncorked, whereby individual poems from Tasting Notes were available for the taking throughout the festival, straight from otherwise empty wine bottles, in various locations around The Byre Theatre.

Well, Eleanor Livingstone (the director of Stanza) has very kindly forwarded to me a series of photos of the exhibition that were taken during the 2014 festival but only reached her this year. Here's one of them:

There are some lovely artistic touches that have been applied by the photographer, Jacqueline Skelton, and I'm very grateful both to her and to Stanza for permission to publish her work here. It will also be appearing on the wall of my study, that's for sure!


  1. Looking good, Matthew. And what a great idea for an exhibition! I've a hankering for a glass of red now...