Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Chrissy Williams' new poetry blog

Chrissy Williams is an excellent poet and the director of the Poetry Book Fair. Such a point of departure would already make her new poetry blog worth a look. However, if we add in the fact that her writing is fun to read while also thought-provoking, the blog's becoming extremely interesting. Moreover, if we top this off with a terrific post comparing her work at comics conventions (as an editor) with her experience of the afore-mentioned Poetry Book Fair, then it's fast turning into a necessity. Here a quote to give you a flavour of what I mean:

"While I love the idea of secret caves filled with poetry gold, more people need to know about them if they're going to survive. I don't want to live in a cave. I want a better map."

You can read her fascinating post in full here.

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  1. Dear Matthew

    I agree with you about Chrissy Williams. I think that hers is one of the best new poetry blogs for ages. (Personally, I am far too lazy to start a blog myself.) Matt Drudge says that instead of begging to be allowed to play in other people's cyber playgrounds, we should simply create our own and she has done just that.

    Best wishes from Simon R. Gladdish