Thursday 10 March 2016

How (not) to Get Your Poetry Published by Helena Nelson

The best poetry editors do what their often unpaid job says on the tin: they get their hands dirty and edit, encouraging their poets, helping them and challenging them every now and then. I can tell you from personal, subjective experience that Helena Nelson at HappenStance Press is one such editor.

This is why Nelson's new book is so significant. Titled How (Not) to Get Your Poetry Published, it's a guide to finding an outlet for your verse. From magazines to pamphlets and collections, she goes into common pitfalls that tend to mean a poet's submission doesn't even make it over the first hurdle.

All of the above is combined with specific case studies and even twenty-one poetry prompts to stir the reader's creative juices. At this point, I do have to admit a vested interest: one of my poems, 01252 722698, is among those prompts.

If this morsel has managed to whet your appetite, the book itself will blow your taste buds away! You can grab a copy via this link to the HappenStance online shop.

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  1. Dear Matthew

    Greetings from Florence! I don't doubt that Nell Nelson's new book is outstanding. I know from personal experience that she knows her poetic onions and does not mince her words!

    Best wishes from Simon R. Gladdish