Thursday, 10 August 2017

The price of poetry

- Two pints of bitter and two packets of crisps down The Bell
- a solitary trip to the cinema on Saturday
- off-peak ten-pin bowling for two
- a round of mini-golf for two down the park
- half a ticket to watch Aldershot Town vs Torquay United
- half a bad seat for a show at Chichester Festival Theatre

All these cost me as much (or as little) as a full collection...

1 comment:

  1. Dear Matthew

    I got up for a pee in the night and fell down the stairs so I'm feeling a bit bruised this morning! I actually think that the price of contemporary poetry is a problem. I can buy two good novels from Tesco for seven quid or a slim volume of poetry for ten. I didn't buy Simon Armitage's latest collection simply because I couldn't justify parting with fifteen quid - so I bought yours instead.

    Best wishes from Simon R Gladdish