Monday 19 December 2022

The Best U.K. Poetry Blogs of 2022

As social media evolves, so the role of poetry blogs is changing. A number of poetry bloggers seem to have given up this year or started posting on a far more sporadic and irregular basis, as if they’re struggling to find a purpose or a need for their blog posts. Nevertheless, I’d argue that as the internet develops, so the role of poetry blogs is adapting rather than vanishing. In this context, I’ll be posting in January about the new, extremely useful potential niches that might be filled by poetry blogs from now on.

For the moment, however, here's my highly subjective and personal list of The Best U.K. Poetry Blogs of 2022, divided this year into three separate sections: newcomers, regular blogs (i.e. ones that post on average at least once a month) and irregular blogs that are still worth bearing in mind despite their sporadic nature.

First off, the newcomers to this list, some of whom might well have been blogging for years but have only just appeared on my limited radar:

Nigel Kent’s blog

Marian Christie’s Poetry and Mathematics

Billy Mills’ Elliptical Movements (from Ireland but also covering the U.K. scene)

Paul Brookes' The Wombwell Rainbow

Tears in the Fence

And now, the regulars:

Fokkina McDonnell’s
Acacia Publications

Mat Riches’
Wear The Fox Hat

Matthew Paul’s blog

Bob Mee’s blog

Tim Love’s

Emma Lee’s blog

Julie Mellor’s blog.

Ama Bolton’s

Wendy Pratt’s blog

Elizabeth Rimmer’s
Burned Thumb

Liz Lefroy’s
I buy a new washer

Martyn Crucefix’s blog

Charles Boyle’s

Josephine Corcoran’s blog

John Foggin’s

RobinHoughton’s blog

Sheenagh Pugh’s
Good God! There’s writing on both sides of that paper!

Caroline Gill’s blog

And to finish off, the irregular bloggers:

Jeremy Wikeley’s new blo

Richie McCaffery’s
The Lyrical Aye

Giles Turnbull’s blog

Chris Edgoose’
Wood Bee Poet

Matt Merritt’s

John Field’s
Poor Rude Lines

Clarissa Aykroyd’s 
The Stone and the Star

AnthonyWilson’s blog

Angela Topping’s blog

Marion McCready’s
Poetry in Progress

Clare Best's blog

And that’s the end of the 2022 list. Oh, and one annual reminder; as mentioned in previous years, I do know that grim feeling of reading through a list, coming to the end and realising you’re not there, so I can only apologise if I’ve missed you out. As one individual reader, I can’t keep up with everyone, and I’d be very grateful for any additional blogs that readers might like to add in the comments that follow this post…


  1. Thank you from me, too, Matthew. It is always a boost to find that I have been included on the list. I much look forward to reading about the adaptations you mention and to discover how you feel they are beginning to reshape the world of poetry blogging as we know it.