Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Much more than a wine blog

A few years ago, Un vino más seemed to start off as just another wine blog where tasting notes were posted by the author. These days, it's much so more than that. I stongly recommend that the Spanish speakers among you take a few minutes to trawl through its treasure trove of posts, a series of ruminations on the way wine, food and love intermingle and play against each other in the writer's life. Generosity of spirit shines through. It's terrific stuff!


  1. Hi Matthew,
    thanks a lot for your kind words.


    Jose (from Un Vino Mas)

  2. Hi Matthew,
    I just bumped into your blog and found this excellent recommendation, thank you and congrats for your fantastic writing!
    Isabel (from Plymouth)

  3. Hi Isabel,

    It's a lovely blog and José has great taste in wine!